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August 3rd, 2007, 11:45 AM
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I agree that some of the autistic symptoms are related. In speaking with Alexis's vision therapist who has had experience with children with SOD and ONH, she has said that these children have many behaviors that mimic autism. She went to a conference held by the Commision for the Blind in San Diego I think it was and in this conference, they discussed both SOD and ONH. That is were she learned that many of the autistic tendencies they exhibit are related to the diagnosis. She gave me a review article that discusses a center based program that has serviced over 10 children with ONH or SOD and this group catalogued the most common characteristics displayed in almost every child with this diagnosis. I am not sure how to get this article to you, I downloaded it from the university's library where I work, so if you have any suggestions on how to send it to you, I would appreciate it. Briefly, these are some of the characteristics that are listed:

Moderate to severe delays in information processing
Extreme tactual and auditory defensiveness
Difficulty with transitions
Rigid adherence to routine
Strong interest in rhythms and music
Restricted food preferences and eating problems related to an aversion to textured
Avoidance of social interaction and engagement
Profound distractibility
Mild hypotonia (low muscle tone)—in many children
Developmental delays in motor functioning
Lack of initiative in exploring their environments
Atypical language development
Enjoyment of swinging
Lack of spontaneity in verbal interactions

My duaghter exhibits many of these and we are still earning to cope and handle them. This article would be an excellent resource for when they reach school age or even if they are already in school as it addresses many ways to actively engage the children and ways to deal with behaviors associated with some of these characteristics. Hope this helps.
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