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August 3rd, 2007, 02:56 PM
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I normally post in the natural childbirth board (I had my baby 11 days ago at a birthing center), but I had to comment on this.

ITA with everything said in this thread. I know that I was about to lose it in my DDC around the 32 week mark and on. People were whining and complaining about EVERYTHING, including having OB's who refused to induce them until they were actually past 42 weeks (lots of natural childbirthers would KILL for an OB like that). People were even trying to justify how having a preemie is not that bad since quite a few people had 34-35 weekers (who came on their own) and they either didn't have to go to the NICU or only had "short stays."

Honestly, I eventually just stopped responding to those threads because people weren't listening anyhow.

Oh yeah, and I agree that Texas is great for midwives. I actually switched to midwives at 37 weeks (yeah, that's right, LOL) after I realized that my OB wasn't selling what I was trying to buy (even though she made it seem that way during the pregnancy) and that the hospital had one of the worst c-section rates in the city (and Texas, especially Dallas, has a high c-section rate!). I had a choice of places to go and once they saw that I had no medical problems they got me right in. I had 2 prenatal appts before going into labor and having a great, unmedicated birth.

Midwives rock!

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