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August 3rd, 2007, 09:09 PM
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First things first - with some modifications to your diet, you can all but guarantee you dont have pre-eclampsia.

Check out

Follow the tom brewer blue ribbon diet for pregnancy - focusing heavily on the protein. In studies with women who ate the recommended amount of protein (75 grams minimum), there were ZERO occurances of preeclampsia/toxemia. In women who did NOT get the recommended amount - they had a 40% occurance!!! This is HUGE! And it shows that pre-E is almost entirely diet & lifestyle.

Some other important things:

Salt food to taste - do NOT restrict salt (dont be crazy, eat wholesome healthy foods salted to taste & you wont have aproblem). Salt used to be considered to be a cause of Pre-e but this has been almost entirely dispelled.
Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. yes its tough, but its necessary
Eat your protein - and make sure to get a balance of fruit & veggies in your diet.

follwo those instructions, relax for na hour before your appt, and I can almost guarantee your pre-e signs will be gone. Protein in the urine is a classic symptom of not getting enough protein. Its a long explanation - which if youd like it is on the blueribbonbaby website as well Essentially your body starts pulling protein from cell walls b/c its so vital to the development of the baby in the last weeks of pregnancy (which is when most women start displaying signs of pre-e). This causes "holes" so to speak & protein spills into the urine.

Also - take your BP at home throughout the day. TRUE pre-eclamptic high BP will NOT go down no matter what you do. No matter wether youre relaxed, asleep, stressed, etc. If your BP is only occasionally high, it will be fixed with diet & relaxation

THEN - if you DO find your self unable to reverse the symptoms - I would SERIOUSLY consider all options before inducing before 40 weeks, ESPECIALLY if this is yoru first baby. If your BP isnt consistently high, I would caution you heavily against inducing.

In the meanwhile - be taking evenign primrose oil & Red Raspberry leaf tea to prepare your body for the impending labor

And finally - pitocin is the most common induction drug. Do your research & steer as far away from Cytotec (a pill that is inserted in your cervix with the potential for major catastrophic side effects) as possible. If the induction is not successful - stop the labor & go home. Im very wary of Pre-E inductions b/c often times the inductions make the BP worse, cause fetal distress, and cause bigger problems than there would have been if you were home on bedrest.

But I have a lot of confidence that with some diet changes over the next week youll likely see a reversal of all Pre-E symptoms & it will prove to NOT be Pre-e Ive gone through this with so many doula clients its unreal & i have yet to figure out WHY the OBs wont just let their patients know to change their diet.


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