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August 3rd, 2007, 09:39 PM
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Well actually I was directed to that website by a woman in the hypnobabies yahoo group. So I did begin increasing my protein intake....every since I was released from the hospital last week. I must admit though I dont think I drink enough water. I drink alot....maybe about 60oz or so a day, but I dont feel like its enough. I feel fine..if that accounts for anything lol. I was in the hospital for two days and all of my bloodwork came back normal, they did a 24 hour urine sample and then let me go home. I'm thinking there was more protein in my urine today because I didnt really eat or drink anything before my appointment (it was in the am).

My bp is fine when I'm laying on my side....very low. But on my back or sitting up it gets high. I believe in the hospital today (on my back) it was 140/90 and on my side it was 127/68 or something like that. It doesnt read high consistantly at all...but according to the specialist its going to get worse and I should anticipate induction. I'm really optimistic about it personally. I did have a rapid weight gain...I gained 9 pounds in 4 weeks I believe (I had been consistently gaining 4lbs a month before that), a week later (since changing my diet and resting more) I've gained barely one pound.

I have red raspbery leaf (though I havent been drinking it as I should)...but how would I use the evening primrose once I got it??

Thank you in advance for all of your help
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