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August 4th, 2007, 08:29 AM
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I ask my clients to commit to breastfeeding for two weeks. The reason behind this is not that I'm a breastfeeding nazi, but that breastfeeding releases oxytocin that allows your uterus contract, and it takes 10-14 days for your uterus to get back to normal size. I don't give the routine pitocin injection that many providers in the hospital give, so breastfeeding is the only source of a hormone that's valuable to mom's healing. I have had clients who never breastfed before and they did the two weeks that I ask (understanding why I ask) and then switched.

Every midwife is different, though, so its important to ask when you interview them.
Charlotte, midwife mama to Samuel and Atley, mourning the loss of our "March Baby"
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