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August 4th, 2007, 01:46 PM
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considering all thigns - I think with the increased protein youll be fine. Make sure you eat before your appointment & up your water intake. It always helped me to get a huge water bottle (or 2) and fill them up in the morning that totalled what I should have and just make sure I finished it before bed lol.

Because your BP is higher when laying on your back (I would expect this) and sitting and well within normal when on your side, I would say thats a very good indicator that this is NOT pre-eclampsia. You can have PIH (Pregnancy induced hypertension) without it being Pre-E. But its an easy way for them to schedule an induction which means one less spontaneous labor to have to worry about waking up at 3 am for.

As for the weight gain - that is well within normal range as well - you could even go a little higher & it still be well within normal. ACOG has even retracted its recommendations for weight gain but unfortunately not all OBs keep up with ACOG recommendations (unless it directly benefits them and even then soemtimes not). But - in the third trimester is when the most rapid brian development occurs, and is also when your body needs the most protein & weight gain to supply the increasing demands of such rapid brain growth (and lung development!!!). Keep in mind too - that even at 37 weeks lung development is NOT complete!!!

So dont worry at all about the weight gain - its healhty & normal & necessary!

As for the induction - if they continue insisting - but your BP isnt consistently high, youre eating enough protein (track the # of grams!!! there is a guide on that site - I printed it & kept it on my fridge!), then you have the right to refuse an induction.


Its stressful at times - but considering blood work came back normal, your BP isnt consistently high - it clearly shows you dont have Pre-E.

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