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December 31st, 2004, 08:27 AM
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Originally posted by giggles@Dec 26 2004, 10:29 PM
He has apoligized for this happening and he did say it took us both, its just the fact he is making this harder on me when I dont really need to deal with this right now. Plus I have a cousin who is judging me and I am sick of people throwing it in my face just how I messed up. I need a vacation. Its just making this pregnancy worse cause he is crying about his girlfriend and I agree he shouldnt of slept with me if he had one which i had no idea about. well thankyou so has helped a little.
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I know how you feel- I got pregnant at 18, the father and I were together but I had to move in with my parents because he wasn't providing for me while pregnant and I was high risk. Long story short it didn't work out, I'm now 20 years old, momma to Devin Thomas, and it IS hard, there's no way anyone can honestly say it's easy, but every time I look into his little face I know there was a reason for all of this, and YOU WILL MAKE IT! Your baby deserves a father who'll support him, be there for him, and love him above everything because you will do the same for the little one.

So if you end up going this alone, my only advice is to let people help, but never take them for granted- raisin' kids is hard, rewarding work, 24/7!
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