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August 6th, 2007, 02:18 PM
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Well, I'm trying to remain optimistic about all of this but it is becoming more difficult. It seems that my blood pressure is rising, despite the diet changes. My last bp, laying on my left side was like 137/81 and 150/95 when sitting up on a chair. So its definitely going up. I hope though, that at my doctors appointment tomorrow that they dont find more protein in my urine. I spend most of the day trying to relax with my feet up and I've completely changed my diet....I'm just starting to think that I waited too long. If I was more informed about the high protein diet sooner, I could have done more about it. I could have been on a high protein diet from the get-go. I'm still hoping and praying that it doesnt develop into pre-e though.......and trying my best to remain optimistic

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