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August 8th, 2007, 12:13 PM
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Week Nineteen
Current Weight: 119lbs

FINALLY! Got my bump going! And I am amazed (hence the "ooo, a baby!" face). Also, it's a GIRL! Ultrasound pics are at the bottom! Here's a link to my ultrasound post.

Week Thirteen
Current Weight: 116lbs

Okay... the only difference I see from the last picture is that I extend farther now from where my little bit of definition is (and I am a little confused - why does this definition only appear in pictures? In real life it's all jiggle! ) In fact, you can see my ribs... now the doctor said I did gain weight, and I definitely feel it as well. Even my brother said yesterday that I'm rounding out... So my question is, what the heck? Give me my dang pregger belly!!! The only noticeable difference goes to the girls. Bravo girls, bravo.

Week Four
Current weight: 112lbs (... I think... I broke the scale so it reads "0")

Please disregard the circles/puffiness under the eyes and the "I want to maim everything within reach" expression, I've been down with a headcold the past three days! But I just had to share my new little bloatedness I'm very excited! Tomorrow I will find out just how far along I am at my official pregnancy test doctor appointment. inkcheer: I just know that I am since I have had no period and a ton of symptoms I recognize from the last time I was pregnant. Not to mention a lot of bloating, what is 99% positive the start of a baby bump, and all of a sudden the girls' have increased in size. (not complaining) My question is... at 4'11", am I going to be all belly?

Meet Baby Girl!

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