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August 9th, 2007, 10:29 PM
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Ok, the first is that I think I might be losing parts of my mucus plug already. Tonight when I wiped there was thick yellowish (not too yellow though, almost see through) stringy, mucusy discharge. Not tons, but enough that I noticed right away. I know that you can lose parts of your mucus plug or the entire thing and have it rebuild itself and not be a problem, but should I be concerned enough to call the Dr.? I do have a history of pre-term labor, but I'm not having any contractions...Second Question: This is really wierd but after sex (sorry if TMI) you know how when you have an orgasizm it can cause really strong contractions, well during those contractions I seriously feel as if there's this one spot on my stomach that is a giant bruise, the only thing is that there isn't one visible, it only hurts during contractions (but to the point if anyone accidently touches it it makes me physically jump and yell out), and I have never had this with any other pregnancies. I have an appt. next Thursday, but I don't know if I should wait...what do you guys think? I'm not terribly concerned, as it's not consistent by any means, but just thought I'd get your opinions as I'm more naturally inclined and don't tend to rush to the dr. for just anything....

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