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August 11th, 2007, 02:50 AM
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i'm a mom!!!!

so i went to be induced on monday night, i didnt think they'd start straight away, but i got a dose of Pitocin at 10 pm. by 10.15 i was having strong pains, but i thought "theres no way it'd work so fast!" but an hour later i was having contractions 1 min apart and lasting a minute. i was in incredible pain and i was only 1cm! so they gave me an injection of pethadine and i was able to sleep for an hour. once i woke up, they were so much worse, i vomited becasue of the pain, so i was checked and only 3cm!!!!
they could do no more for me in the ward, so i had to go to the delievery room, where i tried entonox, i HATED it. got sick everywhere. i was still only 4 cm at 5 am. i had to have an epidural.

after that it was amazing. i could still feel the baby move and feel pressure down below, but no pain. my midwives, dh and i just talked and laughed the time away. i really enjoyed it. the midwives explained everything the baby was doing, and because i could feel it without the pain, it was so amazing.

so at midday on tuesday, 13hours after i was in established labour, i was fully dilated. they gave me an hour to rest before we began pushing. i could feel the pressure of contactions so i knew when to push. i pushed for 2.5 hours and the head was still not out. so they thought the baby was getting distressed, so they got the vacuum. i had to have an episiotomy and the epidural had worn off. i felt every second of it.

they put the baby up on my belly, face down. DH said something like "my beautiful daughter" the doctor laughed and turned the baby over and lifted the chord. my scan was wrong, i have a beautiful baby BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake Steven Coleman was born at 3.50pm on tues 7/8/07 weighing 8lb 15oz.

i am completely in love!!!!!!!!!
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Robyn, wife to Steven, mom to Jake (7th Aug 2007)
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