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August 13th, 2007, 07:46 AM
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I'd love to take credit for my psychic abilities this time, but I think I mentioned the possibility to Ashley (mommyinky). I think Shannon did this one herself by spending that bundle on the cloth pads. It works everytime.

Shannon-- You're absolutely right: The universe didn't want you to buy that Kotex. It knew you'd need your money for all those pregnancy tests. Have you tested with another line test yet just to see the darker line? It's so much fun to see that line show up, especially when it's there even before the control line. Don't stress yourself out over a possible chemical pregnancy or miscarriage. Everything will be just fine. It's all falling into place. First, you got your house and now you're getting your baby. Enjoy it! You deserve a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Congratulations!
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