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September 12th, 2005, 07:16 PM
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I used this website to compare with my own and found out I was wrong and it was accurate with my doc..
Just enter your LMP and it will tell you your due date and how far along you are.. when I entered your info I got almost 13 weeks.. Im 22 weeks and some odd days and I have yet to gain a single pound matter of fact Im still negative some weight.. Some overweight moms dont gain much weight while others do.. As long as you eat healthy either way you will be fine.. Like junebug posted the risk for diabetes is higher but honestly not much else changes for overweight women.. I mean sure people might think that because of your weight you are destined to have problems in your pregnancy but, honestly that isnt true.. Everyone is different and some thin moms have more problems than a woman who is 50 pounds or more overweight.. Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope everything goes well for you.. Welcome to the boards..
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