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August 13th, 2007, 08:53 PM
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So i went to my first dr apt today. Dr wilkerson was wonderful, he kept making me laugh and feel relaxed. Dusty came (btw i figured out why he was mad at me, his aunt told his mom and him that i told her they wanted me to have an abortion. I told his aunt that MY AUNT wanted me to have an abortion so either she misunderstood me or is freakin crazy) but anyways, dusty came in and talked to dr wilkerson but left and went into the waiting room when i got the pap and sonogram (vaginal ugh). The machines speakers were broke so i couldnt hear the heart beat but i could see it and it had little leg and arm stubs lol. Its heart beat was good at 156 bpm so that made me happy, i actually cried when i saw it beating. I measured right on time at almost exactly 8 weeks so that made me happy too. We got to get a picture but my scanner still wont work so it will be awhile before i can put my sono pics up, either that or i will take a pic of it with my camera tomorrow and upload it but i cant promise good results lol. My next apt is sept 10 so yay. And i get to keep my pants on in that apt lol. Basically the only bad thing is now im spotting a lil, dr wilkerson said it was because of the pap and it was normal. And i basically just ignored dusty the entire time, im sorry he can beleive his aunt if he wants but im not going to sit and argue or much less apologize for something i know i didnt say. And why would i try to talk bad about him when im proud of him for standing by the way he is cuz lets face it most guys dont and he doesnt have too. But any way thats how my day went lol.

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