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August 15th, 2007, 09:42 AM
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By the way, what part of CA are you from? I'm in the SF bay area (east bay).[/b]
I live in San Bernardino. Its funny because my sister and I were moving to Northridge b/c she's going to be going to graduate school at CSUN, but we had a hard time finding a place b/c we're not from California (we were born here...but we were raised in Chicago). Then my blood pressure started going up and I became high risk and I told her I couldn't deal with all the stress of moving and that it was affecting my pregnancy and I thought it would be better if I stayed here for now. So then she decided to stay also and go to school part time this first semester.

I thought I was being smart though in changing my doctor. I always wanted to have a natural childbirth with a midwife so I found this midwife in Whittier which is halfway between here and Northridge (about an hour from both). So no matter where we ended up I'd always be an hour from my doctor. When I became high risk however, I had to start going to the perinatal doctor twice a week. Lol so now I have three doc appointments every week and they're an hour away. I thought about changing my doctors again but now I'm high risk, and I like the doctors in Whittier as well as the hospital.....besides the drive isnt bad (its not like I'm driving myself )
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