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August 15th, 2007, 01:12 PM
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So I called the family planning place or whatever it is yesterday Im going next Thursday to get a test (even though Ive taken like 10 home ones) Then I will be able to apply for medicaid then talked to my obgyn and they will take me as a medicaid patient.

So anyway my story is that my boyfriend had been dating for 3 years, thought he was the one and all that good stuff. Well weve known for like 2 months that Im pregnant, been in MAJOR denile and havent told anyone and I havent been to the doctor yet due to finanaces and all that crap. He is still in denile, its finally sinking iton me and i realize that its not going away. We broke up a few weeks ago, we were already having some problems but then with my hormones it just went crazy and he wont even speak to me now. Then last week I lost my job. I am under some MAJOR stress right now. My parents are going to die even though Im 29 Im still not married and they are so against that. Then to make it worse im whie, hes black and my daddy thinks that is just the end of the world. So anyway, its coming time that Im gonna have to be telling and going to the doctor and all that good stuff by myself so I need some support. Any good advice from any of you girls?
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