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August 15th, 2007, 05:36 PM
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Sounds like we're in a similar position. I'm 28, and unmarried. I'm white, the father is black. There are two issues here for my family. But, as Mel said, that baby is yours. And in the end, your parents can either chose to respect your decision and be supportive, or not be part of their grandchild's life. I gave my family the same option. I told them that I didn't want the negativity around my son, didn't want him to be punnished because they didn't agree with my lifestyle. My mom and my stepdad have been fantastic. They're excited. (Yes, I was very surprised by this). My father has chosen to no longer be part of my life. It's not fun, but it's his choice. And I would prefer that to him hating his grandson.

Hang in there girl, what matters is that YOU love this child. Please let me know if you need anyhing.
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