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August 15th, 2007, 09:39 PM
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So, I went to Walgreens to use $14 in RR that were expiring.

I was purchasing:

2 Sunsilk
6 boxes of curves
1 Tylenol PM
2 chapsticks

I had problems. First the manager seemed annoyed that I wanted rain checks. Another problem was my mistake. I was not paying enough attention to the box of curve bars and got the wrong ones. I realized that something was wrong when my total ended up being over 14 after my coupons and RR. Another manager came over and was nice and decided to adjust the price on the boxes (they were out). THEN he saw my coupons...You can not do that he says. Only one coupon per purchase. I am making more than one purchase I say...this item, and that item, and that one. You are not able to use more than one RR per purchase. Again I say that I am making more than one purchase. THEN he tells me that you can not use a store coupon with a manu coupon. Yes, I say, you can. I told him that a friend of mine has asked the office and you can do this (well, some one on HCW ). He went on and on. In all of his days as a manager he has never seen such a large transaction ring up for only 23c .

Even though he eventually gave in (he is calling to verify my story) I got riped off. My $5 RR did not print. I had him write a note on the receipt. I'm calling the walgreens office in the morning to see if they can do anything for me. Also I gave her to many RR. Once the curve bars were deducted my OOP should have only been $11.75. I gave her $14 in RR before the adjustment was made, so she already had them in her hand. I did not realize that I gave her to much until I got home. I would have much rater given her $10 in RR and paid the $1.75 .

I was so proud in the beginning the register did not beep once.
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