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August 16th, 2007, 07:22 AM
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What besides the All and Sunsilk is unilever? Before coupons the all would have been $7.98 and the Sunsilk would have been $6.67 so $14.65. Or am I adding wrong? Too funny that we both got managers calling corporate on us on the same day . Stinks that the cashier didn't notice you gave too many RR after everything was corrected, since you know it's her JOB to pay attention to that sort of thing.

Did you get the raincheck on the airwicks? I was going to run and try to get more tomorrow either on Charlestown Rd or at the one in New Albany I went to with you. Is that on Spring Street? I wanted to go to that Rite Aid because their grand opening sale has the BOGO covergirl but I couldn't remember where it was.[/b]

I was thinking that, too. Add something small like a hand soap, small bar soap, or something like that. Take it back and get your money (they give you the coupon money too). You have enough coupons to get more. Use more coupons and grab another small thing you have a coupon for, and get your new $5 RR!

These are all the products: dove, caress, lever 2000, qtips, all, ponds, degree, snuggle, lipton, ragu, hellmann's, skippy, vaseline intensive care, sunsilk, suave, bertolli, ben& jerry's, and promise activ supershots.

Best bet would be to grab a cheapie something of Suave. I think there were coupons two or three weeks ago for some of the suave items...
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