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January 2nd, 2005, 09:15 AM
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okay, if you have read one or two of my other posts you know it is me that wants Kolby.
I guess Colby is the more conventional spelling and i should stick with that. the biggest reason i like K is because with my first two children i was on a K run. My oldest is Kendrick, then his sister came 19 months later and i named her Kassandra. Also, i like to be different. But i have to say Kassie complains she can never find any pens, jewlery, ornaments with the correct spelling of her name on them and has asks me why i didn't just use a C. But soon she will care less if she can find something pre-made with her name it and she will be over Plus all her friends and even some family members still spell her name wrong at birthdays.
then i had Julia three and a half years ago.....went off the K strike because i love the name Julia and i had to finally use it (kassandra was going to be Julia).
so i guess i was going to use K because of my older two children's name begin with K. But maybe i will stick with the C. not fully decided yet, thanks for the votes!


Kolby William 5/15/05 8 lbs and 8 ozs. 21 1/2 inches

From left to right....Julia, Kendrick and Kassie!
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