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August 21st, 2007, 08:58 AM
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Hello folks. I am Courtney and am new to the board. I am pregnant with my second child and this was definitely an unplanned pregnancy. When I got pregnant with my daughter, she too was unplanned. My pregnancy with her was not the easiest. Lots of morning sickness and tons of depression afterwards. The first time we had sex after my daughter was born, I got pregnant again. It was too soon so my husband and I elected to have an abortion. We divorced about a year later doe to several issues in our relationship. I moved 1800 miles away and have since remarried a wonderful man. But two months after we started dating, I got pregnant again. We chose to have an abortion then as well. We had just gotten into a relationship and wanted to make sure we would work out before having kids. I immediately went on birth control after that and have been on it until July 13, when I got my last period. I already had an appointment for the doctor set for August 24, and would have to be without the pill until then. Well on July 27, my new husband and I got pregnant (again). This time we have decided to accept it and have the baby. He's thrilled really. I am nervous and scared.

I work 4 jobs to make ends meet and he works 2. I know I am going to have to quit one of them because I can't be working from 10AM to 11PM every night with a child. Thomas would be like a single parent if we did that. But even with that job gone, we are going to have to find the money to pay for day care=, which will run about $500 a month. Where in the heck are we going to get that kind of money with me having to quit one of my jobs?

Yes, I am nervous and afraid that I will get behind on bills and not be able to afford to pay my house payment and the other things too. I can only hope and pray that things will get easier over the next 9 months and we will somehow be able to afford this.
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