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August 21st, 2007, 08:39 PM
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Here's basically my budget. Everything is rounded up for nice, easy calculations for the moment.

Aislyn's Child Support - $250
Credit Card 1 - $110
Credit Card 2 - $100
Credit Card 3 - $100
Personal Loan - $106.50
Mortgage - $900
Car Payment - $200
Insurance (2 cars plus life insurance included here) - $200
Satellite/Internet/Phone - $150
Student Loans (coming due next month actually) - $250
Electric - $60
Gas - $60
Water/Garbage/Sewer - $45
Cell Phones - $140

That totals $2671.50. We bring home about $2802 each month. That gives us about $130.50 for gas and food right now, as we are. When I have to quit my 4th job that will cause me to lose $300 a month. My husband may have to do some medical studies to get us through. The only bill that we can feasibly cut is the satellite. I have to have the internet and phone line for college because all of my classes are online and we don't have cable where I live. Therefore I have to have DSL.

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