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August 23rd, 2007, 08:04 AM
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Thanks! It's no big deal to split up transactions at my Albie's. We went in on Tuesday night and ran five different transactions so I could roll my catalinas, the cashiers are just wonderful up there. Plus DH always comes along so if we don't want to make people wait in line behind us he just takes one order and I take the other to a different register.

I totally intend to keep using my coupons. We're getting more than $400 a month right now and I will NOT be spending all of it, I'm budgeting to stay under $200 per month. We're only going to qualify until the store my husband is to manage opens, then we'll be making too much money. But in WA foodstamps only expire after five years so I'm going to "stockpile" my foodstamps and then we'll be able to eat on them for quite some time!
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