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August 23rd, 2007, 08:46 AM
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I guess I was just asking because I have two family members that are up set with my DH and I and the birthparents over this whole adoption. They feel that the birthparents should keep the baby and have told them that on many occassions and also told them that my feelings should not be considered if they do keep it. Now we have talked with the both my brother and S.I.L. and we know that they are not and will not be backing out of this, they want us to to adopt this child. In fact it's my brother that has been busting his butt every weekend to be down here and help us build the addition on so it'll be done in time for us to turn our present bedroom into the nursery.

I have cousins and friends that keep coming up to me and asking if we'll be having a baby shower and to be honest I tell them I just don't know. I want to have it after the baby is born, I think it would be ackward on my SIL if we were to have it sooner. I mean she's the one pregnate and I'm the one getting all the stuff. I'm trying really hard to not upset her or hurt her feelings, I am trying to remain compassionate with everything she's going through. I'm grateful for this gift she is giving me and I don't want to offend her in any way.

O.K. now that I've rambeled off topic I'll stop typing .. LOL thanks for the words of advice and things to think about.
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