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August 23rd, 2007, 02:00 PM
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My husband is an idiot. mean it.

I have been house hunting for about a year now. I am always trying to get Marko to look at the housed I least their pictures online and he NEVER will. Since Elizabeth was born all I hear is "We need a house." and "I want a house." and "Let's buy a house." OK GREAT...glad you are finally on the same train as me. Well, two weeks ago we got a realtor (FINALLY) and Marko was all about getting online and picking out some houses he wants to look at. He even got mad at me because I wasn't on my computer looking for houses. Umm hello...I have looked at them all 10 times (online) and could tell you anything you want to know about them. I don't need to look again...I need YOU to look.

Anyway, we looked at two houses last week. One was nice the other not so much. So the realtor calls today and wants to show us two houses tonight. Mind you these two houses already had to meet Marko's INSANE list of "must haves" before the realtor could even think about showing them to us. So I call to tell him to have the baby ready when I get home so we can leave right away and do you know what this m. f'er says to me?! "It's too hot. I don't want to go. Do you really want to take the baby out in this heat?" After counting to ten I asked if he just wanted me to go look by myself and you can stay home with the baby to which he replies, "You don't know what to look for." This time I had to count to twenty before saying well how about I stay home with the baby and you go look then to which he replies, "Well how many do we have to look at? I don't want to be out all night. Just get home so we can get this over with!" *click*

Does he just think that the house fairy is going to come along and drop off a house? Why is it that I always have to do everything? I swear to God he is so f'ing lazy.

While I am going on how about this...

He is always b-i-t-c-h-i-n-g about his job and how he wants a new one doing something else but guess what...He doesn't know what he wants to do. He wants me to make suggestions on what I think he should do and then tell me no to everything I suggest.

He doesn't EVER go visit my family with me and the couple times he has he (and I am not kidding) will whine and cry and call me names and tell me he hates me the whole day of the event and the whole car ride there. Mind you we go STAY THE NIGHT at his parent's house EVERY weekend almost since Elizabeth was born and at least once a month before she was born.

Last night we needed to go to the mall and exchange some shirts he bought three months ago that are too big and I wanted to buy an outfit for work. We talked about it before he got home from work and it was a good idea. I am not s-h-i-t-i-n-g you we are in the mall two steps from JC Penny's when he decides he doesn't want to be there. In the middle of a very normal conversation he starts yelling about how he didn't even want to come to the f'ing mall and he doesn't know why I would think he wanted to exchange these shirts now after it had already been so long.

Please tell me why I even married him...Someone...Anyone...

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