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August 23rd, 2007, 05:49 PM
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I went in and got my paper for 3.99, had a 2.99 EB and a 1.00 coupon, and my OOP was 7 cents! While I was there, I did that scan thing, too... and it gave me 2.00 in EB's, and I don't know what for... but I'll take 'em!

Then on to Wal Mart... I got 8 packs of huggies clean team wipes. They are 1.64 at my Wal Mart. I had three 3.00 off coupons (I don't remember who sent those to me, but THANK YOU!!!!), and I had two 1.00/any one clean team product. My total for all 8 was 3.04 with tax. woot. 336 wipes for 3 bucks. [/b]
What scan thing??? Did I miss something???

The new machines that you can scan your card and get coupons or EB's, or items and get the prices... they've been in the stores around here for a couple months now... I always scan mine for fun. I usually get a 3/10 CVS products coupon... today it gave me 2 EB's. Not sure why, but as I said... I'm not complaining!
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