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August 24th, 2007, 06:51 AM
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What's your sales tax rate? I finally figured out the CVS formula for calculating all the EB's, coupons, and tax. They subtract all coupons and EB's you use from the pre-tax amount first which then brings down the taxable amount. So to calculate your tax in there, you get to use the $3.05 amount which is a great plus for you. And that means you can save that extra EB you have for later. [/b]

Teri--they only don't tax the CVS coupons and EB's (those are considered "sale price" reductions), and the manu coupons are taxable. Otherwise my purchase yesterday would have been 0.00 instead of 0.07. I got a 3.99 item, used 2.99 in EB, and had a 1.00 manu coupon--the 1.00 was taxed.
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