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August 24th, 2007, 09:21 AM
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I think I'll nix one of the caress items. I love them to death, but i bet I can wait until there is a good sale on them. That'll change things a little more in my favor. I can't get milk because we are going on vacation for the week. It'll sit and coagulate all week. EWWW.

Zantac 5.49--5.49EB
Serenity 4.99-1.00--4.99EB
Johnsons 5.99-4.00cp--2.00EB
Johnsons 5.99-4.00cp--2.00EB
Caress 2.99-.70cp

Total 25.45- 4/20 = 21.45-10.99EB = 10.46-9.70 = $0.76 + tax(0.73?) OOP and I have a 3.99EB to use if needed.

getting back $14.48 ECBs

That's better.[/b]
That looks right. Tax would be on the 10.46 because the 9.70 is all manu coupons...
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