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August 24th, 2007, 09:47 AM
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I just did a search and found out we do have a Save A Lot that is 10 miles from me. But I have never seen one and I have never been to one.[/b]
You should definitely try it! If you don't mind generic, you can save a bundle. They have some name brand stuff too, though. I know the big tubes of oatmeal is over 2.00 at the grocery, but it's only 1.49 there. I already mentioned the beans. The flour is 1.15/5 lb. there, and the regular grocery generic brand is at least 1.59/5lb. Lunch meat--the same brand that I get at the grocery for 3.49--is 2.79 there. Same size. Same brand. (carl buddig) They also carry Betty Crocker potatoes, and at the regular grocery, they are 1.49/box here. SAL is only .99/box. And they take coupons! So those .35 coupons they have now and then bring the boxes well below a buck when they're still over a dollar at the grocery.

The savings are fantastic. Yes, I love Save a Lot.
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