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August 24th, 2007, 09:16 PM
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you married him because despite all his baby acting, you love him. so tell him to get off his ##### and do something about finding a house. tell him he's not a man cos he's not even trying to provide a home for his family. they hate when their manlihood is in question![/b]

YOU GO GIRL!!!! (((((((dropping in from Feb DDC)))))))

But I know how you feel. I'll tell you what the problem is! The better woman you are the lazier your DH gets, because he used to you taking care of everything. Just stop doing some of the things you do for him and see what happens! LOL
You are right. I let him get away with too much. I do too much. ARGH! I just want to punch him sometimes. But I do love him VERY much and that is why I married him.

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