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August 24th, 2007, 09:37 PM
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Hi Kelli

Welcome to the Unplanned Pregnancy board. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Have you looked into Medicaid? Make sure you fill out a Pregnancy Medicaid form. If you make over $2,500 a month (after taxes) then you may not qualify. Although they make exceptions for pregnant women. It is definitely something to consider even if you do make a lot each month. You never know whether they will accept you or not.

Check out other insurance agencies for quotes. One may be really expensive while another agency offers a plan for much less. Call every single one you can.

If you are denied for Medicaid and cannot purchase an individual plan then check out your State risk pool. Each State offers a "risk pool" insurance plan for people that cannot find it anywhere else.

Hope this helps you. Good luck![/b]
thank you very much!
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