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August 26th, 2007, 06:39 PM
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I'm waiting to get blood work back from the doctor. I went to the Dr. on Friday, and the urine test I took came back negative. Then the nurse popped her head in and said it was a faint positive. So he took blood and said I could either be really early in my pregnancy, or have had a chemical pregnancy. I have had no pain or spotting, and the test I took yesterday was a strong positive.

I saw my family doctor, so I will call my OB on Monday and see if he will see me and do an ultrasound. By my calculation, I conceived around the 5th, so I am only 5 weeks along at the most. You can't see much at 5 weeks, so I don't know what he'll do. He might just wait to get my blood HCG test back. My Dr. said I probably wouldn't have it back until Wednesday! That's such a long time to wait!
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