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August 27th, 2007, 10:42 AM
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I just dunno what to do. After I got pregnant everything has just gone wrong. I lost my fiancée, one of my best friends, my baby is sick. My depression is coming back.. every day gets worse and worse and I dont want to do this anymore. I'm sick of being in bed all day. I'm going off my head soon! I love Lilly but I dont want her to grow up with a depressed mom. I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to be there for her as much as wish that I could and I want whats best for her. And if I can give her to some people who will love her and be there for her all the time that maybe thats best. Have absolutely no idea what to do. I'm almost 34 weeks.

Thanks for your support guys

An angel in the book of life
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