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August 28th, 2007, 12:32 PM
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I don't know what Implanon is, is that like the IUD that is inserted inside the uterus? I've never heard of that myself. Do you still have periods with that? (I'm more curious about different options of BC now that I'm pregnant and don't want to have another right away after, if I ever change my mind about having a second.) If not, maybe could it be your body readjusting to bleeding again? You said you arent one to imagine things, and those DO sound like pregnancy symptoms. Nothing but a blood test can confirm that. I had all those, plus my boobs HURT even getting washed in the shower and had to pee so much at night!!

Congrats on having a long and happy marriage Wow vet school! Must be trying learning about how to take care of sick animals when they can't tell you whats wrong. All the vets I have been to, all women actually, have been very loving and caring people. If you are pregnant, no doubt that baby will be loved and cared for a will be very lucky to have such loving, responsible parents.

You are so close to finishing school. Hmmm thats tough. Does your school offer online courses for distant education? Is there a day care at your school? Is there anyone that could take care of you baby where your school is while you are in classes? Is it possible to take a year off? I really can't help you there unfortunately. There are some women on here that had their babies and were still able to go to school and make something of themselves. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be a mom AND have the discipline to go to school. Those ladies could offer you better help than I could.

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