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January 3rd, 2005, 01:07 PM
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I picked Bryson b/c I thought it just sounded neat, and I've never heard of anyone w/ it. I actually found it in a baby is a real name.

And the reason I spelled Jaxon like that instead of Jackson is because if it's going to be shortened, I want him to be called "Jax (Jacks)" and not Jack...I HATE the name JACK!!!!

And Cameron.....YES it is a boy's name also as well as a girls name. I happen to think it's a pretty cute boy name. It was never even thought of as a girls name until Cameron Diaz came along.....

And I think Jordyn with the "Y" is cuter for a looks more feminine than Jordan....that spelling looks better for a boy.

Why should Emma not be a girl first name?????

And yes, Brielle is pronounced like (BREE-EL)
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