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August 28th, 2007, 03:16 PM
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Hi! Im new to this board.
My baby boy was born May 22nd, and Ive been stressing about school ever since. LOL. We live in a rural area, and the schools aren't very good here. I would very much like to learn more about homeschooling because I think it may be the path for us. I read the post about "why do you home school" and I agree. I feel we can do a better job, I don't want someone else to get to enjoy him when Id rather. I actually had a bad dream the other night that really god Dh and I talking about this.
So some questions. Sorry a lot of questions
Whats it like?
Do your kids still play sports with the school kids? My husband said they do. What about Prom and other events like that?
Do other kids tease them because they are homeschooled?
Were you homeschooled, and did you enjoy it?
Dod you feel like you missed out on anything?
Did you go to a University afterwords?
Did you feel like people ever looked down on you?
Do you get sick of eachother. Hahahaha. I know, weird question, but since your together 24 hours a day do your kids ever not want to listen or learn because they need a change or someone else to listen to?
Any other info, advice, etc?
Thanks so much!!!
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