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August 28th, 2007, 04:23 PM
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welcome to the homeschooling board.
Some of those questions I can't really answer, things with homeschooling over here in country Oz are a bit different to America or even to the city here.
Whats it like?[/b]
We enjoy the lifestyle. it is much more relaxed.
Do your kids still play sports with the school kids? My husband said they do. What about Prom and other events like that?[/b]
I know just recently the other family that homeschools at our church went to a sports day. I have not looked into it myself as I am not interested and my daughter hasn't shown any interest so far. She is involved with dance and belongs to a dance school here.
Prom is years way so I don't think about it. I know in America there are large hs groups who put on there own prom and have there own sport teams. That is not here yet, although it wouldn't surprise me if the larger city groups started something. Again prom never interested me, in fact I think I would rather be sitting tests then be made to go to prom
Do other kids tease them because they are homeschooled?[/b]
No, but then my daughter is only coming up to 6. Her friend said (about Monday) "I have prep and you have to do homeschool" I wasn't sure if that was a negative or a neutral statement.
I went to State (public school) and privet school so I don't know how the homeschoolers feel. However if asked using ps instead of homeschool I would say I hated school, I would have loved to be homeschooled, I didn't do anything at school that would be missed as I hated everything except art class in primary (elementary) school. No I didn't go to university only lower colege called TAFE and did early childhood education. later I took horticulture via correspondence. Kids at school looked down on me all the time. It was a rotten 11 years and yes it coloured my view towards public and privet schools. School was one huge waist of time, as they couldn't even teach me to read, my father did. It was a jail sentence to get through.
Do you get sick of each other. Hahahaha. I know, weird question, but since your together 24 hours a day do your kids ever not want to listen or learn because they need a change or someone else to listen to?[/b]
Sure some days they drive me batty, but I don't see that one negative outweighing all the other ones ps brings. One reason we started Sarah at dance was so she had another teacher apart from me. I havenít found she didn't want to listen or learn because it was me doing the lessons.

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