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August 28th, 2007, 04:27 PM
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Whats it like? Different for every family, even for every child in each family. It is hard to answer this question because the answers could very so much.

Do your kids still play sports with the school kids? Belle took tee-ball through the rec this summer, she is taking soccer now. She has also had dance. And is always enrolled in swimming. When my children are middle and high school ages when they have sport teams I will certainly let my kids try out if they so choose. That is allowed. They have to make the team like everyone else though of course. Belle also does art, music, and field trips with the public school right now for fun.

What about Prom and other events like that? They are allowed to go yes. They can be in chorus, band, sports, gym, music, calculus, in clubs, a mathlete...

Do other kids tease them because they are homeschooled? not so far

Were you homeschooled, and did you enjoy it? Dh and I both were and we both enjoyed it!
Did you feel like you missed out on anything? not really to be honest
Did you go to a University afterwords? We both did.
Did you feel like people ever looked down on you? No.

Do you get sick of eachother. Hahahaha. I know, weird question, but since your together 24 hours a day do your kids ever not want to listen or learn because they need a change or someone else to listen to? lol! We are together a lot, but not 24 hours a day. Sunday school, kids programs (with the rec, private, or with ps), playdates at friends houses, visiting relatives (without mommy and daddy) are all the things the kids do. And I go out with friends and my dh sometimes too.

Any other info, advice, etc? Not that I can think of right now.


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