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August 29th, 2007, 02:48 AM
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Thanks so much for your wonderful response! It makes me feel sooo much better to have had some venting time! The Implanon is not an IUD, its one that goes into your upper arm. It’s a small flexible plastic rod (Just one, not like the Norplant that has 5! Yuck!) that is inserted subcutaneously and secretes low levels of progesterone for 3 years. Its one of the most effective BC methods and theres no maintenance at all for the 3 years, but it can be taken out at any time. It has the benefit that your cycle goes immediately back to the way it was prior within one month of removal. I knew a gal that got pregnant before her first period after removal! It takes about 60 seconds to insert and theres no sutures. Its also not associated with causing weight gain. Some ladies get there periods, but most have decreased mestruations or none at all. I had no periods for about 1 year and then I had AF once every 3 months for the next year. My best friend gets a very light period once a month regularly. My DH felt it caused mood swings, but Im not so convinced – I think the stress of exams made me much more moody that BC could ever do! I really liked it because I never had to think about it. You should ask your Dr about it, Kahlia, as I know you will be directing all your energies to your precious little one, and shouldn’t have to be bothered with taking pills or injections!

Today my cramping is much less, but I did take an Acetaminophen earlier for my back. Still no sign of AF, but she is not due for several more days. Still increased CM and bloating, but Im thinking that you are right – this is just me getting used to cycling again after being on BC for so long. My boobs aren’t sore at all – I poked around on them this morning! My plan is to wait for AF (or HPT if she does show up next week). If she does come, I decided I need to go back on hormonal BC and wait until Im done with school, which is really the responsible way to go. I feel so frustrated sometimes. I want a baby so bad and I just feel my time is ticking away (my BDay is on Friday). I see my friends already having homes, babies and careers and here I am – still in school! I feel rotten to say so, but sometimes its easy to get jealous. I will be nearly 29 when I graduate, and then 30 if I do an internship. Its one of my biggest fears to wait that long and then find out I have trouble getting pregnant. Thanks again for listening, Girls. This is a big help for me!
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