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August 29th, 2007, 07:16 AM
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Whats it like? That is not an easy question. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and just too demanding of me and my time. At other times it just seems so natural, and flows so well. I think you will find that to be the case no matter what you choose though bc that's just life.

Do your kids still play sports with the school kids? My husband said they do. What about Prom and other events like that? No, my kids are only in elementary school. For now they play with the recreation centers and the YMCA. We have some Homeschool supported teams in my town though so that is probably what we will check into when they are older.

Do other kids tease them because they are homeschooled? My son has never been teased about it, but he is proud of it so I think the attitude he brings to the table makes a huge difference in the attitudes of others.

Were you homeschooled, and did you enjoy it? No, DH and I were public schooled all the way through.

Do you feel like you missed out on anything? What is there to miss out on? There isn't anything the schools have that can't be done outside of that realm.

Did you go to a University afterwards? Lots of colleges actually welcome homeschoolers bc they are better prepared for studying, etc.

Did you feel like people ever looked down on you? I think people are sometimes confused by our decision and want to know more to understand why we do it. But no I have never felt like anyone looks down on me or the kids. In fact I get told how great, and smart they are more often than not.

Do you get sick of eachother. Hahahaha. I know, weird question, but since your together 24 hours a day do your kids ever not want to listen or learn because they need a change or someone else to listen to? Sometimes I need a break from being a mom but what mom doesn't? That is what babysitters and a night out on the town are for. So no we don't get sick of being together.

Any other info, advice, etc? Pick up some of Linda Dobson's books. John Taylor Gatto, and Catherine Duffy are also interesting reads.

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