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August 30th, 2007, 07:53 AM
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delaney is my 2 1/2 month old little girl (born june 15, 2007)
our ped's office has two doctor's, a male and a female

delaney's doctor hasn't given me answers yet.... but let me explain:

delaney has that cradle's cap on her head (not too bad but still enough to notice it). when we went for her 2 month check up, we showed the male doctor her cheeks, neck, back of her neck, upper arms by the shoulders and a little bit on the top of her chest *her cheeks are always bright red and is bumpy and feels rough* (we were told by the female doctor when she was 1 month old that she had heat rash because at the time there was no cradles cap present, but the heat rash never went away no matter how much we kept her cool, dry, inside and 1% hydrocortizone cream on it.) the male doctor looked at her cheeks and body, then looked at her head, and said it was hard to tell what's going on with her cheeks and the other areas because of the [some medical term that sounds like subderma-something] *so i'm guessing it meant the cradles cap because he pointed to her head*. once the cradles cap goes away, then it'll be easier to tell what's going on with her cheeks. the male doctor said it could be exzcema (wrong spelling), or she could be allergic to her formula. but for right now we're to keep doing what we're doing, a.k.a don't change the formula yet. he asked if there is "sensitive skin in the family" at i looked at dh and he said "no", then i said "not that i know of". then we went home....

WELL, i start asking my parents questins & it turns out my dad had exzcema when he was 17, then it went away by the time he was 18. my dad's one sister was allergic to wool when she was a baby, my dad's other sister was allergic to satin when she was a baby. AND i forgot that dylan has slight exczema on the back of his arms (the female doctor told us that at his 3 year checkup - she said it was seriously the mildest form of exzcema (it's just like bumpy skin and we were told to put eucerin on him)). plus, i sometimes have really itchy skin in the winter.... when you're put on the spot you forget lots of stuff!!

i just hope they can figure out what's going on with her. i hope she's not uncomfortable, ya know.......

thanks for listening, ladies!
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