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August 31st, 2007, 12:40 PM
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oi. I have had my husband in and out of my life this entire pregnancy. I honestly think that despite the fact that he is 4 years my elder, he is extremely immature. We did okay as a married couple without kids, but when the prospect of a baby came along, he slowly drifted away. He has walked out every other week for months now.. always comes back in a day or two.. but it's absolutely terrible. I say that you're right.. if he's going to be like that, it's better to have him gone.

Right now my husband is on a good kick.. he is being supportive and wonderful. I love it. I cherish it. I wonder how long it will last every second of every day. It's torture. I hope that my husband and your boyfriend grow up and accept responsibility...

But he sounds like he's a good man.. and like he IS mature (though careful.. not really a bad thing). Just be honest and calm. Giving him his space sounds like the perfect plan (no matter how hard).

He just might surprise you and be amazing. I hope so. I'll be thinking of you... keep us updated.[/b]

I'll talk to him on Monday (labor day, he's off, he'll be relaxed)

I hope I will get a good reaction!
No matter what I am not getting an abortion (I'm in week 6 btw!)
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