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August 31st, 2007, 01:53 PM
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My little niece, Brooke, was born June 5, 2007 and was *I think* about 7lbs 3oz at birth. Here we are nearly 3 months later and she's only 1lb heavier. She's been in the hospital already once for a week for not gaining (and having respitory issues) and the GI doc told my SIL if she doesn't gain more weight in this next week, he'll admit her again to tube feed her. She was on bfing but now he's making her switch to formula so we can meausre how much she's even getting. On top of all this, she pukes nearly every bit that she takes in. My poor SIL is beside herself and it terrified! Brooke has an older brother (I've mentioned him before, Carter) that was FTT at 12 mo, so this is a road they've been down before, just not so soon or severe. I swear, it's our DH's genes (they are brothers)! She's going for a weight check today and if he doesn't admit her to the hosptial, she'll have another weight check on Wed. Please keep my SIL and niece in your prayers, that she will drink the formula and, somehow, keep it down. Thank you.
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