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September 2nd, 2007, 05:57 AM
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Thanks so much for checking my info – its great that you took the time – I think I was inaccurate in my first post. Ive been recording everything to date, so this is what I have: My first day of my last period was Aug 8th. I usually have 28 day cycles, so AF is due again Sept 5th (this Wednesday). Im not sure when I O’d. The first day I began having these uterine cramps was Aug 28th (CD 20). I had the cramps for 5 days straight – felt like AF was coming at any time – I was in the bathroom with tampon in hand several times but nothing was there except inc CM! On Aug 31, I noticed a sm amt of blood on my towel after taking a shower and drying ‘that area’ but there was never anything else after that.

I am with all you girls – Im just assuming that its either me coming down with something, or possibly just a weird cycle. I think I will take a HPT either Monday or Tuesday (CD 27 or 28), just for piece of mind. If that comes back BFN, then I think I will make an appointment with my doctor because this is just really weird for me – I never have cramps except the day my bleeding actually starts. Does anyone know if cystic ovaries causes cramps (although my cramping is in my medial lower abdomen, and I imagine ovarian pain would come from one side???)? My mother had to have an ovariectomy at a relatively young age for this reason.

Thanks girls for everything. Im sure Im just overreacting, but its so nice to have people to share with!!! I will post my results in another day or two!
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