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September 4th, 2007, 08:12 AM
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I live in NJ... and have been to many different showers. Held in many different places...

-a few in ppl's homes... they were both buffet style, grab what u want sort of thing, one was in the summer the grill was going. They had all types of foods.

-in a restaurant in PA... it was a surprise to my friend. We all ordered from a pre-selected menu. Played games and had a good time.

-at Red Lobster... pre-selected menu,... I left early tho, had to go to work!!

-at a comedy club... my cousin rented the club for hers, it was no surprise to her. Buffet style. We played games and she had a dj there

-at a funeral home... it's owned by my friends family, so that's where she had it. No surprise to her. Buffet style, plenty of games

-My first shower was at my home, i helped plan it... we had a lot of food off the grill and cooked, big buffet style. Food for days. We played a ton of games, kids were there and it was no problem at all b/c every1 I kno has a child or two.

_my shower in November will be at a hall... And I am part of the planning for this one also b/c I don't like surprise party's...

as a matter of fact, there were men and kids at ALL the baby showers I have been too. great times!!

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