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September 8th, 2007, 07:29 PM
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I really need someone to turn to right now..... I am a stahm to 3 beautiful boys.... I had a misscarriage a little over a year ago ( a little girl) and was devestated!!!!! I wanted another baby but DH wasnt even thinking about it..... so anyway... we had some comdoms break on us last month and I am pregnant..... DH is less than thrilled. He isnt mad he is just ignoring me... If i say anything about babies or the pregnancy he ignores me... turns the music up... leaves the room anything to avoid the situation. I am heart broken... what am I supposed to do????????????? This is us... how can he not be happy? or at least a little bit warmer about it... I have only told my best friend and i asked if I could tell my dad and he told me I needed to keep my mouth shut..... what now???
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