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September 10th, 2007, 01:06 PM
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Ok...I'm not sure if this question is supposed to be asked in this forum...but the "unplanned" seemed like it would fit... problem is, is that I was supposed to get my period on the 6th..I got it the 9th. It diddn't bother me much that I got it only 2 days late...but for a few weeks I was getting sick...I had headaches (still do...and I hardly ever get them..and I've been getting them daily...they aren't bad...its just I never get headaches and all of a sudden I'm getting them for weeks every day..) I'm super tired all the time and I can't sleep much...theres just so many more things that people have been telling me...are "symptoms" they got when they were pregnant. I'm not gonna lie and say I never thought I was becuase..I have been having the thought "I think I'm pregnant..." in my head for geesh...ever since a week or so after my last period...I admit my boyfriend and I haven't been very safe ever since we started having sex about 5 months ago becuase the condoms tend to irritate me (we ALWAYS use condoms....but we start with out one so I'm not so bothered by them) I was going to go on the birth control pill when I was going to the GYN on the 21st....but my period is really light (and usually It's pretty heavy the first few days) and I'm still having "symptoms" I know theres a low chance of me getting pregnant from.."pre cum" as everyone calls it...but there was one time we caught the condom break....but he wasn't sure if it broke before or after he.."finished" so...OH and I took a pregnancy test the 8th...but I was going to retake it in the morning (but I got my period...) becuase I had about 3 or 4 waters before I had the test and it was in the middle of the day..and I never read where it was saying I was supposed to be taking it in the morning...and not after drinking so much. so we think the negative is wrong. so my question all this me being paranoid and scared...or could I be pregnant? I mean I'll be happy if I's just we weren't really aiming for a pregnancy! so I'm kind of scared because this is my first time being pregnant (if I am) and I have no experience with kids what so I'm more scared of not being able to take care of the child! anyways. I'm seeking for advice I suppose and since almost everyone on here is a mother I was hoping to get a little more personal advice about if this is a pregnancy or not...

Thank you (and I apologize if some of this is TMI for some of you..)
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