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September 10th, 2007, 10:16 PM
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2 Please------.50/1 chex mix or 100 calorie chex mix ex 9/29 X3
1 please------1.00/1 covergirl eye product ex 9/30
3 please------.50/2 any campbell's select soup cans ex 10/10 X9
1 please------.40/1 snuggle dryer sheets
2 please------.50/1 pillsbury toaster strudels ex 10/13 X5
3 please------Free eggs wyb one 10 oz. bag of snausages breakfast bites dog snacks ex 10/20 X3
3 please------1.00/1 snausages dog snacks ex 10/20 X3[/b]

I need your address. They'll go tomorrow. Just send a stamp or two since I don't need any coupies right now... if that's okay?

I would like these

.50/1 betty crocker muffin mix ex 9/29 X2
.50/1 betty crocker cookie mix ex 9/29 X5
.50/2 hamburger helper, tuna helper, or chicken helper ex 9/29
.50/1 old el paso salsa ex 9/29 X3
.35/3 any chef boyardee canned or microwave pastas ex 9/23 X5
1.00/2 any chef boyardee big size microwave bowls ex 9/23 X2
.40/2 any campbell's condensed soups except chicken noodle, tomato, and cream of mushroom ex 10/15 X3
.50/5 any campbell's condensed chicken noodle or tomato soups ex 10/15 X8
.50/2 any campbell's select soup cans ex 10/10 X5
.30/2 any size pillsbury grands! biscuits ex 10/13
1.00/2 pillsbury ready to bake! cookies ex 10/13 X2
1.00/1 degree woman ex 10/7 X2
.50 on any tennessee pride product 10/31
3.00/1 excedrin 100 ct. + 10/31 X3
2.00/1 excedrin product 10/31 X3
up to 4.99 refund on excedrin 24 ct. product ex 10/31[/b]
I need your address, too...did you want all the excedrin coupons, or just one of each? LMK. Same as above--I'm not in need of any coupons right now, so you can just send a stamp or two.

I would love these...

1.00/1 armour to go ex 9/30 X6
1.00/2 old el paso products--excludes refrigerated, frozen or soup. ex 9/29 X2
BOGO max factor eye product ex 10/31
BOGO covergirl lip product 10/31[/b]

They're yours, April. And I am including the other three strudels, too. I saw them on your wish list. I have your address. They'll go tomorrow.

(and you know you're ahead on stamps right now. )
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