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September 11th, 2007, 11:51 AM
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I live with my bf, hes working on his schooling and working ft, I wanted to as well while looking for a full time job. Got pregnant so I'm stuck only working pt . Now my parents are bugging us to get married. TOUGH. Don't need a piece of paper to be together. This isnt the 1950's. There are more important things to put money towards. They want us to be "traditional" and proper/ do the "right thing" and have us married before I have it. So I told them that traditionally its the brides parents that pay for the wedding. That shut them up

Don't worry about the whole not eating many fruits and vegetables thing. You will be amazed at how your appetite changes and the things you will be DYING to eat that you just don't like or cant stomach while not pregnant. And vice versa. There are lots of supplements and such too.

If you are worried about telling your parents, you can always wait 12 weeks. I know some couples like to wait until after the first trimester, others dont. We told some people early, others we waited till 13weeks. Whatever works for you

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