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September 14th, 2007, 05:39 PM
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Hi everyone! I am about 9 weeks pregnant. I am not married but in a committed relationship. I am a toddler teacher with 16 two year olds in my classroom. We have had flu/colds/strep going around this week and of course all the kids are sent to school sick. I called into work on Wed. and Fri. (today) because I felt a little feverish and my throat is sore. I am also just a little burned out. I called at 7am and left a msg on my boss' voicemail but got calls from her at 10. ( I am supposed to start at 9:30) She said where are you we havent' heard from you, etc. I called back, she had just gotten the voicemail. I think she might have started overreacting by thinking that I didn't call and said "I can see where this is going. I need the teachers to be committed in that classroom so I think you should consider dropping down to part time. I don't want to push you out unless you want to but we need to talk Monday." (She knows I'm pregnant and in the past has said we want to do everything to support you and keep you here) They have had a TON of turnover in that classroom and that parents are not happy.

So I haven't had nausea or morning sickness at all. I have scheduled all of my doc appts during my break. I even picked a doctor that's literally two minutes away so that I could work. I have only missed these two days this week when half of our other teachers were out sick!

What do you all do for a living? How long did you work or do you plan on working? Do you plan on going back to work after? If so, how long will you take off?

I was hoping even though my job is very physical and the hours are not ideal (930-6 Mon-Fri) I could work well into my 3rd trimester. I know I will have a few sick days now and again but I also need to know when to stop and if I should find another job. My doctor says that physical part of my job is fine for me so I'm more worried about the rest of my life ie; i feel exhausted when I come home, I have no energy to do dishes, laundry, talk to my boyfriend, etc.

Ok girls, I needed to rant and rave for a few minutes. I also want your honest opinions about what I should do and what you all plan to do about work.

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